10 Minute Mixed Media Page

Like many people nowadays, I’m at work most of my days and back home, kids, pets and chores are waiting for me – that leaves very little time for a regular creative practice.

I have been working on other ways, for the last couple of months, to create on smaller scale and in a shorter period of time. The solution could be to break down my creative process into separate sessions to complete a more elaborate finished piece, but my need for achievement and completion is too strong for me to fight at the moment and I still need to create and finish my piece at the end of the session, whether 10 minutes or an hour. Something I need to work on for sure…

In the meantime, I am experimenting on creating quickly, like this very simple collage, pen and wet media project.

The first part of this video will be available soon from Issue 12 of the Christelle’s Art Factory Emag, free and exclusive to all CAF Club member. Pop to the Home page to join.

10 minute mixed media page thumbn

Watch it on Youtube and Vimeo (free downloads)


  • prepped page with collaged bits of old music sheet
  • Tombow markers
  • waterbrush
  • Faber Castell Big Brush Pitt pen in black
  • Uni Pin fineliner in black 0.3
  • photo printed on sticker paper from my Polaroid Zip mini printer


After my bits of music sheet have been adhered to my page, I scribble over the pages with my 2 Tombow markers, then activate the ink with my waterbrush. This will give my background some colour and unify the bits of collaged paper.

I create dark edges on my photo by running my Pitt pen along. I then adhere my photo, add some doodles and journaling. Et voila…

A note on my journaling “lost and found”: last weekend, my baby girl Maya (on the photo) went missing for 24 hours. She is only 7 months old and is an indoor cat. She had never been outside on her own before. Last Sunday, when my son was coming back home from his dad’s, she slipped through outside and we only realised about an hour afterwards that she was gone. We looked for her all evening, and all morning the next day. No trace of her – I was heartbroken. I had to go back to work not knowing where she was, if she was OK or if I would ever see her again. This photo was the last photo I took of her before she disappeared. When I came back from work, I went straight outside to look for her, convinced that she could not be far, hiding somewhere because she was lost and couldn’t find her way back. Luckily, I found her in one of the neighbours’ shed in my street, crying her eyes out when she heard me call her. She is now grounded for life from “outside on her own”!! Lol! But at least she’s back with us, safe, well fed, cosy and very much loved. Happy ending.