Paint and Draw Like You’re a 3-Year-Old…


Remember when you were little and played with paints, slapping them fearlessly on the paper, wall or floor (or mummy’s new dress!!)?

Does this colour go with that colour? Do I go for a complementary or analogous colour scheme? Or maybe monochromatic?
Do I spend days using my pencils, eraser and paints, making this face absolutely perfect and realistic?

To all these questions – and many more – your 3-year-old self replies-

“WHO CARES? I just want to play, and have fun, and be free!”

No rules, no stress, no perfection (it does not exist anyway), only self expression, freedom, joy and love.

If being creative has taught me anything at all in my life – and it has many times over – it is to let go, keep loose, trust the process, enjoy the moment, “say” what you want to “say”, share the love, and be true.

I have decided to draw and paint like a 3-year-old because I want to feel that free, unhibited sensation we all had at that age, and express my true colours in my art, not so much to make pretty pictures – even if that’s nice – but to discover myself, be true to who I am, who I want to be, and who I will become.

This is my journey. I trust my path with wide-open arms, without questioning, worrying or hiding myself from the truth, fearlessly.

Just like a 3-year-old…

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