Playing It Big, Abstract and in Layers

Well you all know how I LOVE Alisa Burke’s classes. I finally finished my abstract piece from her Art of Abstraction class and did another one full of squares (don’t ask me why!! Lol!)

2016-05-05 22.05.54

2016-05-06 17.08.38

Last weekend, I noticed that Alisa had her classes on sale and I decided to treat myself – again!!!

I got Larger Than Life – which I have had my eye on for MONTHS – all about painting big, which I had started to do when I did her class Graffiti Chic 2 and absolutely felt like that’s what was ME. Because of the discount, I also treated myself to the class Layers of Love, which I had also wanted to try as I really struggle with building layers in my paintings. As all the classes were on sale, that made this class practically free!! Happy times!!

I have spent the week watching these 2 classes and totally fell in love with the whole process. a friend got me a massive plank of wood (200×85 cm) for me to lean on the wall or a door so I can use it as an easel (kind-of) to attach the massive sheets of paper.

Flower Power below is my first proper piece combining these 2 fantastic classes. It took me about 5 hours to make, a lot of paint, a lot of drying with the hair dryer, and splotches of paint all over my wall, feet and pyjamas (acrylic paint does not come off… ooops!!)

Not sending me flowers or anything, but I am really pleased and proud of this piece. Here are some photos and close-ups of my “masterpiece”


2016-05-12 21.46.24-2    2016-05-12 21.49.47  20160512_214829[1] 20160512_214838[1]  2016-05-12 21.48.23

2016-05-12 21.49.35

2016-05-12 21.48.51

For a list of Alisa’s classes, please click here.

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