Be True to Yourself – It Is So Simple

I love quotes and affirmations. They help me focus my mind and efforts on the right path, reminding me that, first, you have to stay positive and be grateful in a world where it is so easy to be pessimistic and inappreciative, and also that I am not alone.

“Be True to Yourself” is one of my favourites.

be true to yourself edited

“Be True to Yourself”; it is so simple. But if it is so simple, why is it so hard to do?

Maybe because it takes a lot to be true to yourself.
After all, before being true to yourself, you have to know yourself, deep down. For most of us, it usually takes a lifetime of experiences, good and bad, like a trial and error process, to learn what we like, don’t like, what feels right and wrong to us, and who we really are. It takes courage and blunt honesty to take a good look at yourself and recognise what makes you, you.

The next step is acceptance. That’s another tough one. And again, honesty works hand in hand with accepting yourself, faults and all. I believe that our experiences help us shape who we are, reveal to us and others more about ourselves. The way we react, forgive, forget (or not), accept and let go (or not), all contribute to showing us the way to who we really are.
We are very complex beings and sometimes, consciously or unconsciously, we hide ourselves from the truth, because sometimes it is just too painful to face it. Certain events in my past, it seems to me, I have accepted because I know they happened and there is nothing I can do to change them, and I live with that knowledge, with a certain peace of mind. But, deep down, if I am bluntly honest, I know that I am pushing aside the feelings I have associated with these, not to think about those events and the consequences, because it is just too hard to really accept.
Acceptance is not that easy. What makes us uncomfortable we tend to ignore, forget and bury deep down somewhere where you can’t find it. But these feelings, these events and memories are a big part of who we are also. There is no light without darkness.

And, if it wasn’t hard enough to get this far, we have to “be true to ourselves”, within our world. To fit in without compromising your values, your beliefs, your identity.

Well, I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that being true to yourself is not that simple after all.

Now you’re gonna tell me, so if it’s so hard, why bother at all?

Because knowing yourself and being true to yourself is the only way towards knowing what is right for you, what defines you, towards your happiness, peace, reaching your goals, fulfilling your dreams, and, most of all, being the best possible version of yourself.
The best possible version of yourself is what this world needs, what the people you love and care about need. Only this way can you care for others, help others and make a difference to this world. You might think yourself as small and insignificant, but without boundaries, limits, hate, resentment, envy, falseness, nothing else but the truth, you can make a difference to someone. Because your true self matters. And that’s a big step…

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