One Layer At A Time – New Video Available on Youtube and Vimeo

Hello my dear followers. Here it is, a new video tutorial just for you!

This tutorial is all about layering, something I’ve always found very challenging, but I keep pushing for it. Practice makes perfect, right?!

Click on the image below to be directed to the video links and more info on the tutorial:

one layer at a time thumbn

A little note about my videos lately – I have decided to stop having music in my videos, apart from my theme music, and that for a few reasons.
First, copyright issues; even through all the musics I saved on my computer for my videos are from copyright-free sources, I was still getting claims. Also, as my videos are usually quite long, selecting the right songs was taking quite a lot of time. I thought it more efficient to spend the time on other things (like creating more free resources for the CAF Club). Lastly, when I watch videos with music, I don’t necessarily like it (the music) and would rather listen to my own tunes.
So that settles it – no more music in my videos!

I hope you enjoy this new tutorial. Don’t forget to like and leave feedback – I love to hear from you guys! 😉

Much love x


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