2018 Intention Page

This intention page is inspired by Andrea Gomoll’s video lesson for Lifebook 2018 Week 2. I also put my twist on it by adding “special effects” to my watercolour.

The journaling intention is from a promotional email I got at work. It was the title of one of the articles, and it just clicked with me so I had to write it down on a post-it!

This is a very quick and easy project, totally suitable for beginners.

2018 Intention Page

Watch it on Youtube and Vimeo (free download)



  • Prang Professional Watercolours
  • Canson paper 224gsm
  • thick waterbrush
  • a spray bottle of clean water
  • salt
  • India ink in black
  • small brush
  • Daler Rowney Acrylic ink in white
  • Muji pen in black
  • Zebra Midliner in light grey
  • hairdryer



I am starting by applying blotches of my watercolours on my page, spreading them while pushing water out from my waterbrush, and dragging the pigment.

While the watercolours are still wet, I’m sprinkling some salt over random parts of my page and drying them with a hairdryer. On the parts already dry, I sprayed a little bit of water to activate the salt on the watercolour.
Once my page is fully dry, I remove the salt with my fingers, in circling movements. The parts where the salt was create almost a snowy effect. The salt, when on wet watercolour, will loosely push the pigment away, which gives the watercolour this magical and dreamy look.

I am writing my intention first on pencil to see how to fit in the words on my page. Once I’m happy, I go right ahead and write my intention in India ink with a small brush, I don’t write exactly over my pencil lines – they were just a guide to me (I actually ended up writing “Achieve” on a separate line, as I prefered the placement to my original pencil lines).
As the words seem to be just floating on my page, I decide to create a loose frame around my intention, to set it more firmly on the page.

I use my hairdryer to dry the India ink as much as I can, and erase my pencil lines. I did smudge a couple of letters, but that’s no big deal to me.

As I still have some ink left on my brush, I am spraying it with water and adding splatters all over my project, very randomly. I then roughly clean my brush and add white splatters with white acrylic ink. This gives a really nice contrast to the black splatters.

I add some random tiny swirls with my black Muji pen to break the background a little bit outside the frame, and create shadows to my lettering with a light grey midliner marker.