Get Messy Season of Seasons Series – Part 1 – Altered Book Cover

That’s it; I took the plunge, twice on this one. First by joining the Get Messy community and starting their current season of creative prompts (Seasons), and secondly, by creating my first ever altered book. Books to me are sacred (I actually cried for real when I had to bin most of my books still at my mum’s in France when we had to clear her flat 3 years ago) and painting in it to me seemed a sacrilege! But after seeing so many beautifully altered books in the mixed media world, and how it is explained that the books are forgotten, gathering dust, and using them as altered books to create art brings them life and love, I decided to give it a go and buy the story.

This video is Part 1 of a video series I will be doing on Season of Seasons, trying to film most of the pages I will create in this themed journal.

Get Messy Season of Seasons - Altered Book Cover

Click on the image to be directed to the video links and more info on the tutorial


Part 1 – decorating my book cover (the tutorial on how to use the textprint handmade collage paper – HERE – is available from my Easy Collage Class, a free online class to all CAF members, click HERE to join; it’s FREE).


I hope you enjoy this first tutorial. Thank you for reading and watching.

Much love x


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