A Firm Foundation Mandala

I recently bought an Oracle cards deck and pick a card each day to get a “message from the Universe” (that’s the best way I can describe it). To view the cards deck I’m using, click here.

My card yesterday was “Firm Foundation”. It really resonates with me at the moment, since I have recently started to sort out my life, my health and my goals. I am now planning my week, hour by hour, just to get things done, have more control over my life and my achievements, a build a “firm foundation” for myself and my family.

It inspired me to create this Mandala.


Watch this video on Youtube

I used a simple compass, a waterproof fineliner in black, watercolour brushes and my Prima Marketing watercolour sets (the Classics, Decadent Pies and Pastel Dreams).

The lesson I need to remember from creating this page is, don’t use super diluted watercolours on a double page spread as it gathers in the middle!! See, I’m not hiding my mistakes. I’m sharing them to the world.

I have really enjoyed creating this Mandala, and I have decided that, as much as it is feasible, I am going to create a Mandala (big or small) for my daily Oracle card.

Some close-ups: