A Million Stars In A Colourful World

Today’s new tutorial video is another gouache play indulgence.

a million stars thumbn

Watch it on Youtube and Vimeo (free download)



  • sketchbook
  • Winsor & Newton Designers gouaches in Opera Pink, Cadmium Orange, Permanent Yellow Deep, Primary Blue, Zinc White
  • Daler Rowney Designers Gouache in Payne’s Grey
  • Posca paint pen in white
  • waterbrush and plastic palette
  • heatgun



If you have watched a few of my videos, you would have noticed that my background starting point consists of, most of the time, randomly applying blobs of colours across my page. This project was no exception.
I used my set of gouaches for this project. They are my favourite art supplies currently as I love that I can get the effect of watercolour, and also keep it more opaque by diluting it less. The 2 brands I use are very pigmented so, even if diluted, you can still have a vibrant colour on your page.

Once I applied my blobs of colours, I dried my spread fully with my heatgun, then layered some gouache shapes/scribbles; they look a bit like flowers. I really this kind of organic shapes as the look is really loose, and you don’t need to be precise. I created these shapes using all the colours that I had previously used for my background. This enables me to create some balance within the piece.

The spread was very vibrant, with dark spaces in Payne’s Grey. I decided to use some white to calm down the spread and bring more balanced contrasts (light and dark, vibrant and neutral). I created these random “explosions”, which reminded me of stars – giving me the idea for my journaling. This is setting my theme for my spread now. From random colours, a story is born. I layered the white so that it brings variety and dimension.

I used my white Posca paint pen to create more detailed lines for my stars, and created some dots to give the impression of smaller stars. I then created my journaling, again in white, so that it pops against the vibrant colours representing the world.