And It Made All The Difference – An Art Journal Page For Art Journal Summer School 2016

This page was created for Week 2 Lesson 2 of the Art Journal Summer School 2016 online class hosted by the inspiring Marieke Blokland.

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Week 2 Lesson 2 by Iris Fritschi-Cussens (another one of my favourite Art Journaling Mixed Media artists and instructors) is all about Raw Journaling. Digging into your inner world, letting go of pressure, just doing what feels right.
It is such a liberating experience, and it is by far my favourite form of art journaling, and art making in general.
It teaches you to just trust your path.


Watch it on Vimeo or Youtube

Supplies Used


  • Artiste acrylic paints in Baby Blue, Pumpkin and Canary Yellow
  • White Gesso
  • Lyra watersoluble graphite crayon
  • Archival ink in Hydrangea
  • Portfolio crayons in Orange, True Blue, Peach, Yellow, Violet and Pink
  • waterbrush
  • Ranger blender tool
  • black pen
  • brayer
  • hairdryer
  • Catalyst silicone tool
  • plastic garden mesh used as a stencil
  • Wink of Stella brushpen in Clear (not on the supplies photo)


I started by filling in my whole page with journaling with my Lyra graphite crayon. I love using it because it feels so freeing, like being a child again!! I didn’t think though that it was watersoluble, so when I spread my paint on my page, the graphite activated and bled through the paint. Ooopps! but I actually really liked the effect, and will be using this technique again for sure.

After spreading my paint all over the page very loosely (letting each colour dry in between as not to make mud), I found the colours too bright so I brayed a generous layer of Liquitex white gesso, spreading with my finger over the edges in order to soften.

I drew my girl’s face using my Lyra crayon and shaded with watercolours (using my portfolio crayons as watercolours by wetting the tip with my waterbrush). I pretty much followed Iris’s steps for this part. For shading, I decided to use colours I had used for the background with my acrylics, adding pink for the cheeks and lips and Violet for deeper areas of the face. It helps create more depth on the girl’s face, as well as harmony with the different colours on the page repeating. I really enjoyed Iris’s technique of dropping colours here and there for shading. It really gives a raw painterly look.

I wrote my journaling with just a regular ballpoint black pen, scribbled my main words, drew a frame around the word “DIFFERENCE” with my Violet Portfolio crayon, and smudged. I added pink and violet crayon marks and smudged them to create balance within the piece.

I finally added glittery highlights with my beloved Wink of Stella brushpen in Clear.

Et voila…

Some close-ups for you to enjoy: