Be A Rainbow… – A Watercolour Play

Watercolour play – that’s all it is. Shading faces with watercolours can be a challenge if you want perfect shading.

Watercolours are, by nature, unruly, but quite freeing as well, and, as you can see, a beautiful medium to create expressive shading.

be a rainbow thumbn

Watch the tutorial video on Youtube and Vimeo (free download)


I know that most of the time I tend to draw from my imagination, or very intuitively, but, on this occasion, I wanted to use a reference photo I found in an advertisement leaflet. The young woman’s face and expression on the photo really caught my eye and, while I binned the rest of the leaflet, I kept this part of the page for future use.
This project was the perfect opportunity to use this photo.

The quote is from the amazing author Maya Angelou, whose books I have been devouring for the last week or so. I came across this quote over a year ago and it has since become one of my mottoes in life.



  • Prima Marketing, Jane Davenport and Daniel Smith watercolours
  • Pentel waterbrush
  • Prismacolor Premier colouring pencils in White, Cool Gray 70 and Sepia
  • in my handmade journal – Daler Rowney Mixed Media paper