After recently discovering bullet journaling, I decided to give it a go.

Have you ever found it hard to plan, organise yourself, and fit in all you have to do as well as all you want to do? As a full-time working single mum, I have been struggling to juggle everything and find an easy way for me to be more productive and keep track of my tasks and goals.

With the discovery of bullet journaling, I think I have found a method that will work for me on a long-lasting period, hopefully permanently.

It is easy, versatile and fun. What I love about it is that you make it your own, choose the way you want to set it out, the sections that apply to you, your lifestyle and your goals – you make it work for you. You can keep it simple and minimalist, or ornate it any way you like, even indulging your creativity.

This video shows how I initially set up mine, and how I adapted it and used it for upcoming weeks.

bulletjournal01 thumbn original

Watch it on Youtube or Vimeo (free download)

This video is the first of a series I am creating on Bullet Journal planning.

Youtube videos that inspired me and helped me set up my Bullet Journal Planner:


  • Ryman travel sketchbook (140gsm paper)
  • Faber Castell Pitt Brush pen in Black, and fineliners
  • Uni-ball eye fine waterproof pen in black
  • Faber Castell Neon colouring pencils (chunky)
  • Berol Brush markers
  • squared paper
  • colouring pencils (Polychromos are my favourites, but you can use any; I also love my Crayolas, they’re my next best choice)
  • Gelli Roll pens
  • washi tape and Scotch Magic Tape (clear)
  • Tombow brush markers
  • coloured enveloppe
  • stamps and pigment ink pads
  • glue stick
  • coloured paper
  • fine liner pens in a variety of colours (so far I’ve been using the WH Smith brand, UK stationary stores)
  • photos (I print mine from my phone using a Polaroid Zip printer, It prints mini photos 2″x3″, perfect size for journals, and the photo paper is sticker paper)

Click here for the PLAN WITH ME – BULLET JOURNAL official page. It seems that the official page offers monthly challenges with daily themes, but, as I am short on free time, I have decided not to use these, and only focus on the planning and creative side of the Bullet Journal concept.