Issue 12 Available

Finally, a few days late, Issue 12 of the Christelle’s Art Factory Emag is available to all CAF members.


In this new edition, more articles to get your creative process going:


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Here is a quick teaser of Issue 12:



Floral Mandala

Happy New Year Creative Souls!

Yes, I am back on mandalas, with a vengeance! Can’t stop creating them.

floral mandala thumbn

Click on the image above for the video links and extra info

Using floral elements to embellish and geometry to create the working frame.

That “sacred geometry” concept really intrigues me. I have ordered Susanne Fincher’s book Creating Mandalas With Sacred Geometry and cannot wait to explore this new (for me) creative process. To bring some order to the chaos!


What Do You Want More Of?

In my new video tutorial, I have decided to spin my answers.

Inspired by one of Get Messy’s articles within the Season of Seasons, this project is my Part 9 of the season (finished about 6 weeks ago! I am SO behind!).

What Do You Want More Of Get Messy Season of Seasons Part 9

Click the image above to be directed to the video links and the supply list of this mixed media project.

Also in this tutorial, a sneak peek at our Step by Step project for Issue 11 of the Christelle’s Art Factory E-mag (out at the end of November 2018).

Enjoy 🙂


Mandala Out of The Mess

It’s been a while since I last painted a mandala, and also a longer while since I last painted “big” and standing.

I grabbed my easel, and very quickly realised why I hadn’t painted that way for a long time – my easel is the total opposite of stable. Every stroke I made made my easel move to a dangerous fashion. I will need a more stable easel (better start saving as they are pretty expensive!).

Despite the instability, I did manage to create this mandala “out of the mess” – both literally and figuratively.

My first step was to create a very messy background with black and white gesso and heavy body acrylic paints on a piece of cardboard; I also added some pieces of scrapbook paper to add different accents (glued with my trusty Mod Podge) –


I then created my mandala and blanked out with white paint the sections I would later add colour and patterns to –


I added some gold outlines and accents with my Posca paint pen for my mandala to stand out a bit more –


I let my white paint dry overnight and, first thing in the morning, added colour and patterns to my blanked out sections. I also added some green accents with my Posca paint pen to introduce a new colour and bring more pop –


New Mandala Video

I’m going back to mandalas for this video, being a little bit more precise than I normally would – the compass and ruler are out!

The theme for this mandala is gratitude, such an important part of our lives (well, I think it should anyway!), when it is so easy to take things for granted and so many people in this world think that everything is owed to them and don’t appreciate what they have.

I hope you enjoy.

You can click on the image below to be directed to the video links and more info on the tutorial:

gratitude mandala thumbn

Happy creating 🙂

Much love x


New Video – Concentric Circle – On Target

My new tutorial video is now up on Youtube and Vimeo (free download).

Just click on the image to be directed to the video links and info.Concentric circles thumbn

It is a short video (only 5 minutes) inspired by Julie Gibbon’s class, Mandala Magic 2017, that I have been following since January. I am a bit behind as I’m only on Stage 5 (May), but I’m taking it at my own pace and really loving it.

I hope you enjoy it.

Thank you for reading and watching.

Much love x


Facebook Freestyle Mandalas Class Giveaway – Less Than 6 Days Left to Enter

Hi everyone.

Just a quick reminder that the winner of my Facebook giveaway will be picked in less than 6 days!

For your chance to win free enrolment to my Freestyle Mandalas class on Udemy (normal price £25), just comment on the pinned Giveaway post on Christelle’s Art Factory Facebook page to say you’re in.

Click on the image below to be directed to my Facebook page. The pinned Giveaway post to enter is the very first one on the page:


Good luck all!

Much love x


Inner Child Mandala Video

My new tutorial video is now live on Youtube and Vimeo (free download).

This project is a new Mandala, a message to my inner child.

To watch or/download this tutorial, click on the image below to be directed to the video links:

inner child mandala 1thumbn

Thank you for watching. Enjoy…


It’s GIVEAWAY TIME!!!! For your chance to win free enrolment to my Freestyle Mandalas class on Udemy (usually £25) with over 6 hours of simple Mandalas creation videos, templates and PDF, make sure you like the Christelle’s Art Factory page and comment in this thread to say you’re in. One lucky winner will be randomly picked on 30th June 2017. Good luck! x


What Have I Been Up To?

Well it’s been a while. Life has been catching up with me the last couple of months, and I have started working on an amazing project that I am still keeping hush-hush for the time being. A lot of learning new skills, planning, filming, editing, etc will give birth to this project hopefully very soon. So keep your eyes opened for more news on my blog and social media pages…

Just because I’m a nice person, here’s an exclusive sneak peek:

02What have i been up to a sneak peek

Watch it on Youtube and Vimeo