Issue 12 Available

Finally, a few days late, Issue 12 of the Christelle’s Art Factory Emag is available to all CAF members.


In this new edition, more articles to get your creative process going:


If you are already a club member, you would have already received a private email to bring you the good news. If you’re not a CAF Club member yet, just click HERE to sign up to free access to all Christelle’s Art Factory Emag issues and more (it’s free to join) – I have now fixed the contact form! Yeah!

Here is a quick teaser of Issue 12:



Inpired by Mother Nature

Yes, you would have guessed right; I have a new video tutorial available to watch on Youtube and Vimeo (free download).

Mother Nature Thumbn

just click on the image to be directed to the video links and more info

This time, I am having a morning play (hence the toasts on the side!) with my heavy body acrylics.

Thank you for reading and watching.


Much love x


2 New Lessons Released In The Easy Collage Class

Two new lessons in the Easy Collage Class have recently been released.

In these lessons, we are using our own handmade collage paper created in a previous lesson, to create a new collage project; and also creating a multi-dimensional collage page using simple materials.

The Easy Collage Class is a free online class hosted on a private website, and is exclusive to all CAF Club members. Click HERE to join the Club – it’s FREE – and have access to the class as well as to various other creative resources.

See you all in class…

Much love and a Happy New Year to you all x



I have just released a new lesson for the free Easy Collage Class.

In this lesson, we are learning a variety of techniques to create our own collage papers to use in our collage projects.

06 create your own collage paper to use in your collage projects

The Easy Collage Class is a free online class exclusive to all CAF Club members. To access the private class website, just join the CAF Club here (it’s free!).

See you guys in class!

Much love x


New Free Online Class Coming Soon – Exclusive to All CAF Club Members

Hello everyone!

I have been working on a new online class for the last few weeks. This is a free online class, exclusive to all Christelle’s Art Factory Club members, so make sure you join in the fun here – it’s free too!

And this new class is called EASY COLLAGE CLASS.

easy collage class thumbn

6 lessons are available to view and download so far, and I will be releasing all other lessons little by little.

See you soon in class!

Much love x


Using Collage To Enhance Your Photos – Video Tutorial

A new video tutorial is now up on my Youtube and Vimeo channels. It is all about using collage to make the presentation of your photos look more interesting – a great idea for creating gifts.

04 using collage to enhance your photos

This video is part of an upcoming Collage mini-class I am creating for all my club members, an online class which will feature on the next issue of the Christelle’s Art Factory E-Mag. Because I intend to create a separate website specific for the class, the E-Mag will probably be out end of October/beginning of November. I’ll keep you all posted, promise 😉

In the meantime, enjoy watching this little preview of the Collage class on:


VIMEO (Free Download Available)

Thank you again for your support.

Much love x


Facebook Freestyle Mandalas Class Giveaway – Less Than 6 Days Left to Enter

Hi everyone.

Just a quick reminder that the winner of my Facebook giveaway will be picked in less than 6 days!

For your chance to win free enrolment to my Freestyle Mandalas class on Udemy (normal price £25), just comment on the pinned Giveaway post on Christelle’s Art Factory Facebook page to say you’re in.

Click on the image below to be directed to my Facebook page. The pinned Giveaway post to enter is the very first one on the page:


Good luck all!

Much love x



It’s GIVEAWAY TIME!!!! For your chance to win free enrolment to my Freestyle Mandalas class on Udemy (usually £25) with over 6 hours of simple Mandalas creation videos, templates and PDF, make sure you like the Christelle’s Art Factory page and comment in this thread to say you’re in. One lucky winner will be randomly picked on 30th June 2017. Good luck! x


Facebook Giveaway For a Chance to Win Free Enrolment to My Mandalas Class

Hi everyone.

This month, I am offering a free giveaway to one lucky winner on Facebook.

Your prize: a free spot in my Freestyle Mandalas class on Udemy (normally £25).

All you need to do is follow my Facebook page and comment once on this Facebook thread “I’m in”, and you will be automatically entered.

The winner will be picked at random and announced on Facebook on 30th June 2017, so you have until 29th June to enter.


My First Online Class Now Live on Udemy

Hello everyone!

Sorry about the long silence but, in the last couple of months, I have been working very hard on a dream project.

I am very excited to announce that my first ever online class is now live on the Udemy teaching platform – it is called Creative Affirmations Class.

creative affirmations thumbn

Click on the image above to be directed to the class overview and enrolment page

This creative class is free to enrol, and will teach you how to make your own affirmation journal, as well as how to create a variety of lettering styles and pages to inspire you, boost you up and keep you on track. I would like your affirmation journal to be a reminder of what is important to you to keep you going and be happy.

I hope you join me on this creative journey to start or explore your own.

See you all in class…

Much love x