Daily Doodling Prompts for Week 24 are:

Daily Doodling Prompts for Week 24 are:
– Tuesday 14/06: HAPPINESS IS…
– Wednesday 15/06: SUMMER
– Thursday 16/06: PATTERNS
– Friday 17/06: CELEBRATION TIME
– Saturday 18/06: STARBURST
– Sunday 19/06: HEARTS
Happy doodling and have a fab week!!

My Weekly Doodles – Week 23

Here are my doodles for this week. I literally just finished, phew!!!


For those who are wondering about today’s prompt (I know it’s a bit weird!), this is the name of one of my favourite Star Trek episodes from the Original series. I’ve always found that title magical!!!

New prompts will be up tomorrow morning…


My Weekly Doodles

Keeping on track with my doodles; not necessarily one a day as life happens…

Here are my doodles for this week:

IMG_0088 IMG_0089 IMG_0090

The daily prompts for next week will be posted tomorrow (Monday 06/06) morning on the One Doodle A Day Keeps the Blues Away Facebook page, here on this blog and on the Christelle’s Art Factory Facebook page.

Happy Doodling!!

Hello Doodlers. Here are this week’s (w

Hello Doodlers.
Here are this week’s (week 22) daily prompts for our doodling challenge:
– Monday: WOOD
– Tuesday: BOOK WORM
– Wednesday: FLOURISHES
– Thursday: PEACEFUL
– Saturday: CURLY WHIRLY
Happy doodling and have a great week!
Don’t forget to post your doodles on our Facebook group.

One Doodle A Day Keeps The Blues Away, Resumed

Well, my fellow doodlers, it looks like I have had an involuntary break from our doodling group.

My apologies. Life has happened and I have been very busy planning and organising tutorial videos.

I’m getting back on track now with the prompts, which have all been put up to date (almost 3 weeks to catch up! Ouch!!) here on the Doodle Challenge page.

I will now be posting on Mondays all the daily prompts for the week so you can organise them the way that suits your life. They will be posted on the blog, Christelle’s Art Factory Facebook page, on the One Doodle A Day Keeps The Blues Away Facebook group page, as well as updated on the challenge page here.

Back on track…

Happy doodling!!!