On a break

Hi all.

I know I haven’t posted in a while so I just wanted to let you know that Christelle’s Art Factory is taking a break to recharge batteries well deplenished.

It does mean that Issue 13 of the emails will be late and I won’t be posting videos and articles for a while – apologies for this, my faithful readers.

The universe has been telling me for a good while now to slow down and stop to catch my breath. I have been ignoring it long enough, going on like a trooper, but I have reached the point that I can no longer ignore the signs.

But I promise you I will be back as soon as I can on YouTube, Vimeo and the blog.

Until next time…

Thank you all so much for your support xxx


Playing with Patterns

I am starting this new video series, Playing With Patterns, first as a fun way to explore mark making, but also to demonstrate how easy it is to create when you explore and rely on patterns.

Part 1 is now available to watch and download from my Youtube and Vimeo channels; just click on the image below for the links and extra info:

Playing with Pattern Part 1 thumbn

I hope you join in and have fun…

Much love x


The Pili Pala Art Etsy Shop Is Now Closed

Yes, you are reading right – after a very long thinking process, I have decided to close my Etsy shop, Pili Pala Art.

My circumstances have changed drastically since I first opened the shop, and, for the last year and a half, I have been struggling to find the necessary time to manage and market both my online shop and create classes, videos and blog posts. As a consequence, something had to give and I had to make a choice on what was most important to me.

I have therefore decided to focus on offering free content to you all, and will be continuing to create YouTube videos as often as I’m able to.

So, rest in peace Pili Pala Art…

All Shapes & Forms Video Tutorial

My new tutorial video is now ready on Youtube and Vimeo.

all shapes & forms thumbn

Click on the image below for the video links and more info

After over 3 years of having a Melissa & Doug poster paints set, I finally decided to give it a try. It’s not super opaque, but I still really like it. The choice of colours in the set is very nice and, obviously, you can mix them to create more.


I hope you enjoy this testing video.

Oh by the way, my new kitten Maya is featuring in this video, and also “collaborating” in the art making as well – she is so talented! Lol!

Thank you for reading and watching.

Much love x


Let’s Have Some Fun Stamp Carving!

My new tutorial video is all about creating your own stamps, to make your own unique marks on your creative projects.

It doesn’t have to be complicated.

Please click on the image below to be directed to the video links and more info on the tutorial:

stamp carving thumbn

I hope you join in creating your own unique stamps. Caution – it’s addictive; I carried on stamp carving after the video! You can never have too many stamps after all!


Much love x


Christelle’s Art Factory Emag – New Issue Now Out!

The Christelle’s Art Factory Emag Issue 08 is now available to download for all CAF Club Members.



On the menu in this issue, we have:



If you’re not a CAF Club member yet, you can access this issue, and a lot more free resources, by joining the Club (it’s entirely FREE). Just click HERE to join.

Here’s a little taster of this new issue:

CAF EMAG page 20 ISSUE08

Can’t wait to welcome you to the Club!

Much love x


Beautiful Mind – New Mixed Media Project Video

You think you can’t or you don’t like to draw faces? No problem, in mixed media art journaling, you don’t need to!

This new tutorial video shows you that faces don’t have to look like faces – if that makes sense!

Click on the image below to be directed to the video links and more info on the tutorial.

beautiful mind thumbn2

Thank you for reading and watching. Happy creating…

Much love x


Mix – Copy – Cut

In this new video tutorial, no need for expert drawing skills. We’re mixing, copying and cutting to make non-permanent collage pages.

Click on the image to be directed to the video links and more info on this tutorial:

mix copy cut thumbn


Last Mandala Magic Video on Youtube and Vimeo

This week’s video is my take on the final stage of Julie Gibbons’ Mandala Magic 2017 online class.

Click on the image below for the video links on Youtube and Vimeo (free download available to all):

December Mandala Magic Mandala

Thank you all for watching, and don’t forget to click the Like button if you’ve enjoyed this video.

Much love x