Colouring Fun

In this video, I am showing you my twist on one of October 2017’s free colouring pages (exclusive to CAF Club members – click HERE to join).

colouring fun thumbn

Watch it on Youtube or Vimeo (free download)

The colouring page I’ve chosen is the continuous line-style portrait. Loads of colouring blocks, so nice and easy, and with great potential for creating unusual and interesting effects.

I printed my colouring page on 100gsm smooth paper, as I tried colouring in one of these a couple of weeks ago with my Crayola markers and the paper became quite soft and I thought it might tear before the markers would dry.
So depending on what medium/media you are going to be using to colour your page, choose your paper wisely.
For instance, if you’d like to use watercolours, print on watercolour paper (if you can), or you can just print the image reversed on normal copier paper, and use tracing paper to trace the design on your watercolour paper.

To colour in, I am using my new Stabilo Power felt tip pens (a kids’ range) that I received yesterday. I love them for colouring in. They have very smooth and blend quite well – and as you will be able to see in the video, I wasn’t super careful when colouring in my blocks.
I am yet to test their water-solubility, but that will be the subject for another video ;-).

I started by picking my colours quite randomly, in a very intuitive way, and picking colouring blocks pretty much in the same way, while still making sure the same colours were not touching or not too close together.

After I filmed the process and started editing, I decided to add patterns to some of the blocks to break them a little bit and bring some interest to the piece.