Decorate Your Own Pouch – With Inktense

This new tutorial video shows you how you can decorate a blank canvas/light cotton pouch or pencil case, giving it a watercolour effect.


Decorate Your Own Pouch thmbn

Watch it on Youtube and Vimeo (free download)

Usually, painting fabric requires either acrylic paint or specialised fabric paints and dyes.

Painting fabric with acrylic paint renders it quite stiff, which I didn’t really want to do for this project. So, there came a light-bulb moment – why don’t I use my Inktense blocks as they are waterproof once dry? They will give me a nice watercolour-effect and will keep the texture and thickness of my fabric intact.



  • a blank fabric pencil case (Baker Ross brand – pack of 5)
  • my cat and bird Laurel Burch stamp from Stampendous
  • Ranger Archival Ink pad in Black
  • waterbrush
  • Inktense blocks in a variety of colours
  • Heat tool
  • white Posca paint pen (0.7mm tip)



I picked a fabric pouch from my set that was as smooth as possible (you can iron the fabric beforehand and let it cool if you wish / or if the fabric is creased).

I started by stamping my image onto the fabric pouch, using waterproof archival ink. Once dry, I will be able to apply wet media, the ink from my stamped image will not smudge. I then inserted a cardboard piece into my pouch. This will ensure that the ink does not bleed onto the other side of my pouch.

Using my Inktense blocks and a waterbrush, I wetted my blocks to pick up the colour and apply as watercolour on my fabric, filling in the sections of my stamped images. I stamped my cat and bird image 3 times, so I am making sure that I diversify my colours on each image so that they are not the same. I am still using each colour on different parts of each stamped image. This brings the 3 images together and bring cohesion.

Once I have finished colouring in, I am drying my pencil case/pouch with a heat tool (off camera), and add highlights with my trusted white Posca paint pen.