Easy Peasy Art Journal with Rings – Part 1

How to make an easy peasy art journal with no stitching – this is my new tutorial video.

art journal with rings thumbnail

Watch it on Vimeo or Youtube

Once you’ve watched this video, you will be able to make your own art journal in less than 10 minutes. No stitching, no hassle, choose all the papers you want and enjoy the flexibility of this format of art journal, where nothing is set in stone, you can always change and add to it.
The only limit is how big the rings are!!!

And if you don’t have any binding rings, you can always use a set of cheap hoops earrings. You can use colourful ones for a funky effect (mmmm, I might do that next time ;-)!!!)

Supplies used for this tutorial:

  • 7 sheets of Montval Canson Watercolour paper 18x25cm (7 7/8 x 9 7/8 inches) in 185gsm (90lbs), but obviously any paper will do, as long as it is thick and sturdy enough (if you paper is thin, I suggest you use hole reinforcement stickers);
  • cereal box cardboard, or any other cardboard, as long as you can punch holes in it – OPTIONAL: this is only if you want to add covers to your journal;
  • 2 binding rings, 1cm diametre (5/8 of an inch) – one ring for each hole;
  • a heavy duty 2-hole hole punch (you can use a 4-hole one if your pages are quite big, but obviously you will need more rings);
  • scissors and pen/pencil (if you are making covers for your journal)

The only downside of this format is that it is quite hard to create double page spreads (and also you have holes on your page). But, to me, the advantages far outweight this issue.
The flexibility this format offers is endless. You can add pages anytime you like, mix the kind of papers and paper sizes. If you make your journal plain like I have in this video, you can remove the particular page you want to work on so that you do not risk spilling paint over the other pages, there’s no bulk issue (when all you pages are bound and your journal is quite thick, and you decide to work on the first page and have to put a thick book underneath to counteract for the thickness of the spine opposite!! Does that bring memories to you? It certainly does to me…)
With this format, when creating your art journal, you are not committing to anything, which also gives you the freedom to change your mind.

I hope you enjoy this video and that it inspires you to have a go…