Flowers and Gold

This new video is all about intuitive painting.


Watch it on Youtube and Vimeo


  • A 6X6inches canvas
  • Galeria acrylic paints in Pale Violet, Powder Blue, Pale Lemon, Opera Rose and Gold
  • white gesso
  • black carbon ink fountain pen
  • some water to mix with the gesso to create splatters


Starting with no idea of what I was going to do, I decided to go for colours that appealed to be and go from there.

I added some splotches of gesso to break down the intensity of some colours, and one of the splotches (at the bottom) reminded me of flowers, so I got inspired to paint some flowers.

Before I started painting my flowers, I mixed a very small amount of white gesso with a small amount of water (in the video you can see me add some water with my dirty brush and make a lilac puddle! Oops!) and created some splatters on my background. A word of advice (I knew it already but decided to ignore it) – wipe your splatters off the table straight away before they dry!

I painted easy flowers just by placing my brushstrokes around a middle brushstroke, and added some lilac to add a variation of colour on the petals, as well as some white gesso (from my watered down mix) to create some highlights.

I outlined and gave some extra details to my flowers using a black carbon ink fountain pen, creating little dots so as not to make harsh lines.

A dash and smudge of gold paint, et voila

This painting, and Art Prints of it, will be on sale in my Etsy shop very soon so watch this space…