Freehand Mandala 1

Freehand Mandala practice.

I got Kathryn Costa’s book “The Mandala Guidebook” recently, as a help to develop my Mandala practice. I found that book so inspiring. The examples and step-by-steps are so diverse that, if you’re like me and find detailed and symmetrical Mandalas intimidating, you will find inspiration and ideas on how to do your own.

Freehand and imperfect is my way to go, at least to get started. This video tutorial is my first official intentional start at a regular Mandala practice,


Watch it on Youtube or Vimeo


  • fine Sharpie pen in black
  • Uniball Eye fine pen in black
  • Copic Multiliner 0.5 in black
  • Tombow markers: 243, 603, 665, 725, 493, 452, 451, 946, 873, 723, 062, 623


My process for this Mandala was very free-flowing.

I just started the Mandala with a centre circle, divided sections around it and went from there without thinking.

I found this process very freeing and relaxing. What you do next is whatever comes to your mind.

I wanted to add colour to make it more vibrant.

One thing that I would advise, and that I will be doing from now on, is to turn your journal or substrate as you draw around the mandala. I have one part quite uneven because I felt restricted in my movements. I should have turned my journal. Lesson learnt!