GET MESSY Season of Seasons – Part 3 – The Seasons of My Life

For the third part of this project, I have chosen the “Life Cycle” prompt from Get Messy Season of Seasons – I’m creating a representational portrait of myself throughout the different stages of my life. As you will see, they have been quite varied…

Get Messy Season of Seasons - Part 3 The Seasons of My Life

Watch it on Youtube and Vimeo (free download)



  • my altered book journal, page gessoed (and some stitching around the edges as I was testing my handheld sewing machine)
  • Winsor & NEwton Designers gouache and Daler Rowney DEsigner gouache
  • waterbrushes
  • graphite pencil and eraser
  • brown Inkjoy Papermate biro pen
  • Posca white paint pen
  • Pentel black Brush pen



I started by sketching various representations of myself, throughout my life and added colour to these self-portraits with gouache.

I then used a brown biro pen to write on each what period of my life it was referring to.

I decided to add some floral doodles, first, to fill in a bit more of the white space, and also to parallel the growth of the flower to my own life journey.

I added some highlights to the faces with my white paint pen. I find it brings an instant life to your portraits.

I used my black brush pen to write the title of this project. I love the Pentel Brush pen as the brush tip is long enough to be extremely flexible and create a wide variety of lines, as well as more organic markings. You do need a bit of practice if you want to use it for calligraphy (I certainly do!)

And that’s pretty much it!