How to Make 2 Art Journals Out of 3 A2 Sheets

I’m killing two birds with one stone here!!!

In this video, I’m going to show you how to make 2 different sizes art journals in one go, using the easiest stitching method. We want a no-brainer here and get on with our Art journaling, painting and experimenting!!

make 2 art journals out of 3 a2 sheets thumbnail

Watch it on Vimeo or Youtube

All you need is 3 x A2 sheets of your favourite paper (you can also use A1 for bigger pages, or A3 or A4 size but obviously your pages will be smaller than mine), a metal ruler, an awl or any hole-making tool, a needle and some thread.

If you want your journals to have a cover (they don’t have to), you will need some sort of cover materials. I am using an A4 sheet of craft foam and a piece of fabric coated with some sort of glitter coating. Other materials you can use for a cover are canvas from a mounted canvas, thick cotton/canvas sheet for decorators, fabric, felt, cardboard…

I hope you enjoy this tutorial.

Thanks for watching…