How to Make an Accordion Art Journal – Part 1

In this tutorial, I am teaching you how to make your own accordion art journal.

accordeon art journal p1 thumbnail

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I am using an A1 sheet of Canson Imagine Mixed Media paper, a metal ruler, some masking tape I got ages ago from my local DIY store, an old brush and white gesso.

My art journal once folded is a collection of A4-size single pages, but you have the flexibility of using it for double page spreads or even a panoramic format if you decide to use 3 pages or more for one of your projects.

You can obviously use bigger paper size, or smaller, or even roll paper – in which case you can have your accordion journal as long as you want… The smaller sizes (like using an A4 sheet to start with) create very cute little journals that can be turned into personalised gifts or even an original format for a card.

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I hope you enjoy this tutorial and give it a try. It is so easy and so quick to do (it’s my shortest tutorial video!! 😉 lol!!)

Join me in Part 2 to learn how to make a strap closure to your new accordion art journal.

Thank you for watching  😀