In-Between – Get Messy Season of Seasons Series – Part 5

Another intuitive art journal page for the Get Messy Season of Seasons.
In this video, I am focusing on the current season, where I’m at right now – summer ending, back to school and autumn creeping up on us with the cold and the rain being back here in Wales.

Part 5 In Between thumbn

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  • Golden Heavy Body acrylic paints in Green Gold, Cadmium Red Medium Hue, Teal, Light Green (Blue Shade), Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide
  • Liquitex Heavy Body acrylic paint in Titanium White
  • Faber Castell Pitt Big Brush pen in black
  • Pebeo 4 Artist Marker in pink
  • Stabilo All pencil in black
  • Posca paint pens in sky blue, white and black
  • Staedler pigment liner 0.4
  • Lyra graphite crayon
  • waterbrush
  • heat tool



I started by circling on my altered book page words that spoke to me regarding the theme of where we’re at in the season. I went through both my pages as I wasn’t sure which page I would pick to start painting. Totally going with the flow with no precise idea what I was going to do. I picked the page on the left and started applying Titanium White paint in heavy body as a quick way to cover my page. It still let a little bit of the original print through in some places, which brought instant texture.

While my white paint was still wet, I added splotches of teal, blending some with the white paint to create variation of colours. I added some green gold in a similar way.

After drying my page with a heat tool, I created loose frames around my words using my pink marker, smudging the oil-based paint to give a softer look. I also added bits of pink across my page and smudged to bring more balance.

Using my Big Brush pen, I started drawing some doodles of things representing where I’m at in the season – a flower, a house, a sleeping sun. I dried the ink using the heat tool, then started adding some colour to my flower and my house to make them stand out. I left the sun as it was as its brightness is disappearing and I wanted it to blend with the background to reflect that. It also reflects mixed emotions I have at that time of the year, influenced by the weather, events in my life, past and recurring. To emphasise this, I decided to add some raindrops doodles and colour them in in blue paint pen with a white highlight, to draw attention to them. I also added white scribbly lines to my flower petals and my leaves.

To make the words stand out better, I used my Stabilo All pencil to go over the frames and activate the pigment with a waterbrush. As the pink paint underneath is oil-based, the water glides and droplet effects are formed. They remained even after I used my heat tool to dry them. I love this effect. I discovered this by accident last time I used these Pebeo markers and consciously decided to create this effect with the words.

Using my black paint pen, I added some journaling along my flower stem.

I added some texture to my background with some scribbles using my graphite crayon. Love this.

I felt the roof of my house was getting a bit lost, so I decided to colour the tiles in white to pop more from the page and bring some unity to the house. I also added small versions of my flower on each side and painted them to symbolise its growth from small to fully flourishing, then slowly disintegrating, as it would in autumn.