Let It Go, Let It Be – A Freestyle Mandala

This video is my second Mandala attempt at my intentional Mandala daily practice.


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The quote is inspired by Melody Ross ‘s class Let It Go, Let It Fall, Let It Be, and in this Mandala, that’s exactly what I did. No pressure of dividing into symmetrical sections, no centre, no nothing. I just drew the continuous line on my page, letting it go and letting it be.

I have found this Mandala practice quite addicting.
Painting and mixed media art are, for me, the time I am ME. I am quite proud of the fact that, as an amateur artist, I have managed to go past the perfectionism side of creating, only to create what my heart tells me, without pressure, fears, self-judgement or limitations.
I have found with starting this Mandala practice, the endless possibilities it offers creatively as well as spiritually (or psychologically?!).


  • round dish
  • Lyra watersoluble graphite crayon 6B
  • waterbrush
  • Neocolor II watersoluble crayons in Naples Yellow, Salmon, Pink, Light Green, Turquoise, Prussian Blue and Light Cobalt Blue (Hue)
  • clear gesso
  • brushes
  • Pentel Hybrid Gel Grip DX white pen


I used a round dish to create my circle with my graphite crayon. I then drew a free-flowing swirly line to create random sections inside my circle.

With my waterbrush, I activated the graphite to soften the line and create some irregularity in its width. I dried the wet line with a hairdryer (off camera).

Once my lines were dry, I coloured each section inside the circle using a variety of colours from my watersoluble crayons stock. I activated the crayons pigments using some clear gesso. The clear gesso gives some tooth to be able to draw over the crayon. If I had activated the pigments using water, the oily consistency of the crayons, while diluted with the water, would have still been on my page, making it harder to draw over. I did not use clear gesso to activate my graphite earlier on, as the gesso would have left some tooth around the lines, which would have altered the look of the texture when using the Neocolors. I had a smooth surface to start with my watersoluble crayons, creating consistency when the pigments were activated.

I thoroughly dried my page off camera, using my hairdryer, and started filling each section with pattern and text, using my graphite crayon. I activated my graphite with clear gesso. Using clear gesso to activate watersoluble media is one of my favourite go-to techniques. Not only you can work over it once dry, but it also seals the pigments so that when you do work over it with wet media, the pigment is not reactivated and does not smudge or mix.

Finally, I used a white gel pen to create pattern and text on the dark sections of my freestyle Mandala, as well as adding marks to create some contrast.

Even though I called my Mandala done at that stage, I can still see things I can add, like an extra circle around it, or embellishment, or even text. There is no limit to what you can do…