Mini Accordion Art Journal – A Flip-Through


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This video is a flip-through showing the evolution of the mini accordion art journal I made after the Accordion Art Journal tutorial video. The strap closure has been created following this tutorial video.

It is a present for my mum, and my son James (10) collaborated in this project.

“Des Bisous Pour Mamie” means “kisses for grandma” in French, and the quote inside “On fait des bisous a ceux qu’on aime” means, “you give kisses to those you love”.

I used an A4 sheet of heavy watercolour paper to make the journal, and, for the pages, I used a variety of media: watercolours (peerless and cosmic shimmer sets), acrylic paints, crayons, colouring pencils, black gesso, Inktense pencils, Liquid Pearls and glitter paints.

I hope you enjoy watching this flip-through.

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Thank you for watching 🙂