My Soul Book Part 1

This video is the first part of a series about my “Soul Book” class by Melody Ross.

This class is about creating reminders of important things your soul gets to forget as life happens.

As far as art-making is concerned, Melody is very much for using what you have at hand and recycling as much as possible.
This soul book is made of cardboard pieces stuck together with tape (any kind), bound with remnants of fabric, and embellished with bits and pieces. A very DIY way of making art.

In this first part, I am showing how I am making my soul book.

Apologies for the blurry parts; the weather was not great and because it was a tiny bit dark, my camcorder sometimes couldn’t focus properly. It’s always at the end when everything’s finished that you notice things like that, isn’t it?!!

my soul book p1 thumbn

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Supplies Used

  • pieces of cardboard from a big box I kept
  • cutting mat
  • X-Acto knife and scissors
  • metal ruler
  • Mod Podge matt
  • Decopatch glitter glue
  • glazing medium
  • sturdy brushes
  • pieces of fabric
  • fabric washi tape
  • a metal badge from Melody Ross’s welcome pack to Soul School (from last year, before it changed to Brave Girl University)
  • surgical tape (it was too flimsy I think; masking tape or duct tape would have been more sturdy)
  • a selection of washi tapes
  • a piece of thin ribbon (from a top – you know, the ribbons they stitch inside the top by the shoulders, so that they don’t fall off the hangers? I always cut them off and keep them, just in case)
  • a piece of white cardstock
  • Archival ink and Distress Ink pads
  • alphabet stamp set
  • Ranger stamps (texture)
  • a piece of scrapbook paper


I started by cutting out all the cardboard pieces to size, using the thinner ones for the cover and back. I’m not the queen of cutting so that took a while!!

I then taped them all together with the surgical tape. I tried to leave a little bit of a gap between each piece in order for the hinges to be unrestricted. I think using a sturdier tape like masking tape or duct tape would have done the job better.
Once they were all taped, I used the surgical tape and fabric washi tape to create the base for a book spine. When you do, ensure that you do not pull the tape too hard (it would actually be better to cut your pieces of tape beforehand). If you do (like I did) your spine will be too tight and your book won’t stay closed properly, especially when you collage in your pages, they will be bulkier.

The next step was to cut a piece of fabric (I used a piece of denim from one of my son’s old pair of jeans) to create a more secure and prettier spine for your book.
I generously covered the area of the cardboard with Mod Podge (I prefer the Matt; it’s glossy enough for me), applied the piece of denim, smoothed it with my hands, and covered it with a thick coat of Mod Podge to seal it.

On the front cover, I glued a piece of pretty scrapbook paper tucked in underneath the denim piece. I then used fabric washi tape to cover the vertical edge of the front cover.

On the back cover, I used my texture stamp from Ranger to cover the cardboard. I then coated it with glitter glue to make it less plain.
Because I liked the effect of the glitter glue so much, I decided later on to cover the denim piece with it at the front and on the spine.

Using a variety of washi tapes, I covered all the vertical edges of the pages in order to secure them from damage. As cardboard is made of several layers, it’s easy for one of the edges to start peeling off, and before you know it, the rest of the page goes with it and totally destroys the beautiful page that took you 2 hours to make (not including drying time!!)

I applied a metal badge I had for ages at the top of my front cover. It was perfect for this project; made by Melody Ross (from the Welcome Pack when I created a free account to Soul School – now Brave Girl University – last year), it says, “Bloom Your Own Way”, totally relevant to what I need to keep reminding myself.

I cut out the ribbon in 3 pieces, applied them with Mod Podge, layered the other pieces of fabric with Mod Podge and let them dry completely. I also added strips of fabric washi tape to create some lines.

I then cut a small square out of the denim fabric and cut out a heart from it (fold your square in half and cut out half of a heart; your heart will be symmetrical). I kept the rest of the square (which will be used as an embellishment for one of the book’s pages. Everything can be recycled!).
The denim heart was glued on the front cover, then, once dry (with the help of a hairdryer), I covered it with glitter glue.

Using a small piece of cardboard, I covered it with gesso, then, when fully dry, glued it on the front cover with Mod Podge, and covered it with a thick coat of glazing medium (including the edges to seal them).
While it was drying, I created my “SOUL” tag by stamping the letter on a small piece of cardstock, and inked the edges with Distress Ink in Tea Dye.
Once the glazing medium was dry, I inked the edges using Distress Ink pad in Pickled Raspberries. I added my SOUL tag applying Mod Podge. Since Distress Ink is not waterproof or water resistant, it smudged and spread when I applied the Mod Podge. But that’s fine. That’s what I call a “happy accident”.
Once everything was dry, I covered the whole tag and cardboard piece with glitter glue.

Et voila. My soul book is ready to be filled in with wise truths, collage, paint, glitter and whatever else my soul will need…

And here are some close-ups of the book: