My Soul Book Part 10

Welcome to Part 10 of My Soul Book video series (2/3 gone already!).


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For this page, I’m going super duper simple and quick, as I didn’t have much spare time on that weekend. As Dina Wakley says so well, “Done is better than perfect”. I had very little time, but still had fun doing this page in a flash.

I am using wise words from Melody’s Soul Book curriculum, “i want to remember that my very best is absolutely all that i can do and that it will always be enough.”


  • gift wrapping paper
  • Mod Podge
  • old plastic card
  • black cardstock
  • round punches in a variety of sizes
  • small alphabet stamps
  • Archival ink pad in Black
  • Dovecraft glitter glue in Icicle


I started by covering the cardboard page with some gift wrapping paper, not worrying too much about being precise or neat. I glued the piece with my trusty Mod Podge and used an old plastic card to smooth the paper a bit as the cardboard piece was quite uneven.

I grabbed black cardstock little cards and used my round punches to create different-size circles. I glued them with Mod Podge underneath (not on top as the cardboard colour was bleeding – as you can see at some point on the video, I get black smudges) and flattened them with the plastic card.

I used my wise words strips as a reference to stamp my message, using my small alphabet stamp set and black Archival ink for most contrast against the white lines of the paper pattern.

I then created some swirls on each black circle element to add some interest and sparkle.

And that’s it. A very quick and easy page in minutes.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Here are some close-ups photos