My Soul Book Part 14

This video tutorial is all about creating simple mandalas, and taking things as they come.


Watch it on Youtube and Vimeo


  • homemade patterned paper made with Dylusions wavy ruler and Staedler Neon fineliners on copier paper
  • book page
  • Mod Podge
  • Catalyst silicone wedge
  • gesso
  • big tape roll (to create my circle)
  • 2B graphite pencil
  • black Sharpie pen
  • word strips
  • Prima Marketing watercolour set in Tropicals
  • waterbrush
  • white Pentel Hybrid gel pen


I started by cutting to page size my homemade patterned paper and tearing it a bit to have irregular edges. I glued a piece of book page on my page, and then my patterned paper, using Mod Podge. I smoothed the collage with my wedge, cut bits of the rest of my book page and glued them randomly on the patterned paper to bring some interest. I then gessoed over the book pages to mute the text and scraped with my wedge to create irregularity of coverage.
Once dry, I trimmed the excess paper.

I then drew my circle using my tape roll. I tried to use it to create the petal sections inside the circle, but my placement was incorrect. As it seemed too fiddly for me, I ended up drawing them freehand.
Using a black Sharpie, I went over all my lines and added my wise words strips by cutting them out to size to fit inside each petal and glueing them with Mod Podge. I dried these off camera using a hairdryer (I don’t do waiting!!)

I went over my lines with my black Sharpie where the paper strips were covering the original lines. I then used my watercolours to colour in my petals and, on the background around my mandala, by letting the colours mix together on the edges of each colour splotch.
These watercolours are quite pigmented (see my Prima Marketing Fun video), so to make the colours see-through in order to be able to read the text on the word strips, I had to have my colours very watery, which created some drips effects on the background. I dried my page off camera (again, no patience for things like these!)

Next I doodled some mini mandala flowers across my page with my black Sharpie to add interest and contrast to my page. I used my white gel pen to add some highlights and add extra contrast against the black. as the watercolours are watersoluble and hadn’t been sealed with an acrylic medium, it blended with the white gel pen on some parts, which is why some of my highlights are not as white as I would have liked them, but I still like the light gradient it created. Another happy accident…

I hope you enjoyed this video tutorial and that it inspires you to grab your art supplies, collage materials, and have fun.