My Soul Book Part 2 – Making the Embellishments and Quotes

This video is the second part of My Soul Book series.

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While I was waiting for my book to dry (gluing all that fabric did take some drying time), I decided to gather and make some embellishments available for me to use when creating my pages.
I used black Archival ink (waterproof and permanent) and a variety of stamps on white pieces of card stock. I tried to stamp white ink on black cardstock, but that wasn’t very successful so I decided to leave it. White acrylic paint would have given a better result (that’s what I’ll be using next time), but you have to wash your stamp off immediately or, if the paint dries on your stamp, it will ruin it.
I used a variety of hole punches (circles of various sizes, heart, cat, flower…) and punched shapes from scrapbook papers and a painting my son did when he was in nursery (I used a big chunk of it as a background paper on one of my soul book pages – video coming soon – and used the strips of paper I had left to punch shapes in).
For the small embellishments, I cleaned an empty glass jam jar and stored them in it, nice, safe and pretty!!!

I also went through the “Soul Book” class curriculum printout, where you can find pages of wise words for your soul. I ticked the ones that spoke to me and wrote some other truths and reminders as I got inspired and honest with myself – that’s the whole point of the exercise. I typed them on ivory paper with my Silver Reed typewriter for a vintage look and cut them out.

Soul Book” is a free class created and hosted by the so-inspirational Melody Ross. It is about creating a book of important mottoes and reminders for your soul’s balance. As life happens, we tend to forget what is important and fill ourselves with lies and false beliefs that throw our soul’s balance off and, often, makes us afraid to do what we feel we need to do, and be who we really are. As this class is based on the making of an ongoing art project (hence the series of videos that I will be creating and posting), it recognises the undeniable healing virtues of creating art, but also, with Melody’s guidance throughout the videos and in the Curriculum printout, focuses on a spiritual recovery of our balance; a reminder to be gentle with yourself.

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Now some close-ups of the embellishments and truths I gathered and created: