My Soul Book Part 3 – Pages 1 and 2

In this part 3 of My Soul Book video series, I am creating my first two pages while my front cover is drying.

my soul book p3 thumbn

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I alternate between the 2 pages, as I start page 2 while page 1 dries, then finish page 1, and finally complete page 2.
I don’t usually like to work on different pages at the same time; I tend to start one, finish it, and then start a new one, But in this case, it felt quite natural and easy.

Supplies used

On Both Pages

  • My soul book
  • Mod Podge matte
  • a variety of stiff brushes for collage
  • my quotes and wise words strips, from and inspired by the Soul Book Curriculum print-out from the class
  • waterbrush small

On Page 1

  • a piece of fabric
  • scissors
  • Embellishments created in Part 2: one of the stamped faces, scrapbook paper shapes and little flowers from my son’s painting (see supplies for page 2)
  • Prima Marketing watercolour pencils from Scenic Route
  • Prima Marketing watersoluble oil pastels
  • Decopatch glitter glue

On Page 2

  • one of my son’s old paintings from nursery school
  • small flower hole punch
  • dark blue Sharpie marker
  • Prima Marketing watercolour pencils from the Spring and Fall set


I started my first page with cutting a piece of fabric to fit the whole page. I chose a pink big polka dot pattern as it looked fun and happy, something positive which I wanted for my page.
I snipped and tore the fabric rather than neatly cutting it with the scissors as I wanted a rough and imperfect effect. It always means a lot to me as it is part of my style now.

I glued the fabric onto my page using a generous amount of Mod Podge, underneath, and on top to seal it. I applied my fabric the wrong way as I thought the bright pink might be too overpowering for me to do anything that stands out. The back of the fabric was more muted and I preferred that as a background.
I then applied my main embellishments and my quote strips while the glue was still wet, and sealed them with a coat of Mod Podge.

While page 1 was left to dry, I started on page 2. I used one of my son’s old paintings from nursery school as a patterned paper for my background. I picked a part I liked best, with loads of colours and texture, and cut it to fit the whole page. I glued it using Mod Podge. I didn’t seal the top as I usually do, as I thought it might lose some of the original texture from the paint.

While the glue was drying, I used the strips of paper left from the painting with a small flower punch, and created loads of little embellishments to my stash.

I decided to use some of these on page 1 and glued them with Mod Podge. I thoroughly dried them using a hairdryer before using my black Prima watercolour pencil to outline all the collage elements (apart from the girl). I then used a small waterbrush to activate the pencil lines and make the outlines darker and messier.

I then used my Prima oil pastel in Magenta to outline the quote strips and make them stand out.I smudged the lines with my finger for a softer look, and repeated the process around the polka dots on the fabric.
I added a small touch of the Magenta oil pastel on the girl’s cheeks and activated the pastel with a small waterbrush for a more subtle look.
I then added splodges of glitter glue on all the polka dots from the fabric pattern and on the little collaged flower in the girl’s hair.

And now onto page 2.

I picked my quote strips, arranged and glued them on the background with Mod Podge (except the last strip that will go at the bottom).
I then used a dark blue Sharpie marker (I thought it was black when I picked it! Ooops!) and drew 3 simple doodled flowers to cover most of the page. Next I glued my bottom quote strip on top of the doodled flower stems.

Once the glue was dry (with the help of my hairdryer), I used my dark brown Prima watercolour pencil to outline the strips, and activated the pencil lines with a waterbrush. As the lines were quite wet, the pencil got diluted too much with the water and some of the lines were quite light. Therefore I went over again with the pencil to make the lines darker.

And that’s it; two pages done in about an hour (real time).

Pages close-ups: