My Soul Book Part 5 – Page 4

Welcome to Part 5 of this video series following my progress in Melody Ross’s free class Soul Book.

This page is about reminding myself that nobody is perfect and that, despite my many imperfections,  and I am still unique. The word srtips I used for this page are, “i am good and bad and it’s OK. This is my true self; this is who i am and i accept it and embrace it”, “i am imperfect”, “the magic really lives inside you” (Andrea Schroeder at Creative Dream Incubator) and “i am unique”.

mysoulbook p5thumbn

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For this page, I pretty much stayed within the same colour scheme as the previous page. First because the photo I’m using was Photoshopped and printed at the same time as the one I used for page 3 and was using the same background colours. And also, and mainly, because I wanted the two pages to almost blend into one double spread, but used touches of different colours to set them apart, as, to me, they still are 2 different pages.

I started by journaling whatever came to my mind on my prepped gessoed page, using Crayola crayons in grey and pink, very subtle colours so the writing doesn’t stand out too much. I just wanted to create texture.

Next, I created a spray by mixing water to Cosmic Shimmer Iridescent Mica Pigments in Graceful Pink, and sprayed it over my background. I thought the colour would be more visible so I was a bit disappointed, but it still give a very nice and extra subtle (so subtle you can’t see in on video or photos, but I promise it’s there!) shimmer.

Then I used some of the embellishments I created in Part 2, my photo and my word strips, as well as bits of fabric I used for my cover in Part 1. By repeating my use of fabrics or elements from other pages, it enables me to create some kind of cohesion, making this book a “themed book” – if that makes sense!

I outlined all word strips with a variety of Prima Marketing Watercolour Pencils. I dipped the tips in water before using them, so it gives that nice thick cakey look. I then created small dots of pink using my finger and Reeves fluorescent pink acrylic paint. That really brings this page together with the previous page.

Finally I added some sparkle with my Wink of Stella glitter brush pen in Clear – in my eyes, on the unicorn, and on the word strips I wanted to highlight.

Et voila…

And now for some close-ups: