My Soul Book Part 7

Welcome to Part 7 of My Soul Book tutorials where you can watch me as I progress through my homemade book (Part 1) for Melody Ross’ self-paced free class Soul Book.


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This page’s wise words are, “I want to remember that home is best, always”.
Home is so important to me. Being at work most of the day , home is where I can have me-time, where my son and my cat are with me and I can enjoy their company and be a part of their lives, where I can relax and enjoy peace. As I get older, I’m realising this more and more, and yes I don’t go out very often (less and less actually), and apart from financial reasons, being at home is what I enjoy most, for all the above reasons. “Home is best, always”.

Supplies Used for this Page

  • my word strips from the Soul Book class Curriculum printout
  • Mod Podge
  • blue bleeding tissue paper
  • green paper from a note block
  • old plastic card
  • white gesso
  • mop brush
  • Prima Marketing watercolours Tropicals set
  • leftovers of gessoed book pages
  • Black Archival Ink
  • black carbon ink fountain pen
  • Prima Marketing watercolour pencils The Classics set
  • waterbrush
  • big alphabet stamps
  • acrylic block for positioning the individual stamp letters
  • 3 punched hearts embellishments
  • Crayola crayons in cerulean, green and scarlet
  • A Wink of Stella Clear brush pen

My Process

I tore a piece of blue bleeding paper and glued it with Mod Podge at the top of my page to create a sky. I brushed it on top as well to seal it and smoothe it; using a plastic card would have torn it.

For the bottom part, I used some green paper from a square note block and glued it on my page. I used an extra piece as the original width was smaller than the page width. I smoothed these with an old plastic card to remove air bubbles and creases.

Then I thoroughly dried my page using a hairdryer (I have no patience for these things! Lol!).

Using a dry mop brush, I patted the bleeding paper with white gesso to create clouds. I dried it and did another layer to create dimension.
I used a similar technique with watercolour (dark green from my Tropicals set) to create a grass texture on the green paper, then thoroughly dried my page.

Next, I gathered leftovers of gessoed book pages from an earlier project, and cut out  rectangle and roof shapes. I inked the edges of my roof shape with black Archival ink to give it a grungy look, and glued my 2 shapes on my page using Mod Podge.
After drying these, I outlined the house with my black carbon ink fountain pen, and drew a door, some windows and tiles. I then outlined the roof to make it stand out a bit more. I dried the ink thoroughly so that it didn’t smudge for the next step.

I coloured in the roof with a red watercolour pencil and activated the pigment with a waterbrush. It really give a nice uneven effect.

I cut out and auditioned my word strips on my page.
When I was happy with the placement, I used a big alphabet stamp set and black Archival ink to stamp the word HOME on my page. I tried it on scrap paper first to check the position of the letters were right.
I then glued my word strips with Mod Podge.

I gathered 3 of the punched heart elements created in Part 2 of this video series, and glued them on my page to fill the empty spaces. I didn’t seal them on top like I usually do as these papers had 3-D sparkly patterns and I didn’t want to alter the original shine and texture.

I then roughly outlined the word strips and the hearts using Crayola crayons in blue, green and red to make them stand out.

I added a finishing touch with my glitter brush pen, creating subtle swashes of shine in the sky and on the hill.

And that’s it. Another easy page.

Close-up gallery: