My Soul Book Part 8

Welcome to part 8 of My Soul Book video tutorial series.


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For this page, I am using the following quotes/wise words strips:

“i’ve gone through so much and i’ve made it this far”

“it sucks; but you can’t let that stop you”

“i release all that no longer serves me”

“i’ll be OK”

Supplies Used

  • a printout sheet from  Melody Ross’ Soul Restoration workbook
  • printout of floral colouring sheet by Rae Missigman from one of her newsletter emails (to subscribe, click here and scroll down to Newsletter on the left hand-side)
  • Prima Marketing watercolours Tropicals set
  • soft mop brush
  • Mod Podge
  • my wise words strips
  • Artiste acrylic paints in Avocado, Baby Blue, Canary Yellow, Pumpkin and Lush Pink
  • waterbrush
  • Tombow markers in 925, 533 and 725
  • black carbon ink fountain pen (import from Japan from Amazon)
  • Decopatch glitter glue
  • old plastic card

My Process

I started by cutting to size a print out from Soul Restoration class curriculum, and glued it on my page with Mod Podge. No sealing as I will be using watercolours on top so I didn’t want the topcoat to alter the colours.

I then cut out bits from Rae Missigman’s floral colouring page and glued them on top of the text background. I used an old plastic card to smooth the paper.

Using my Tropicals set of watercolours, I applied blotches of different colours from the set, using a mop brush loaded with water. These watercolours are highly pigmented so I needed to dilute them as I still wanted to be able to read the text from the background.
I then used a waterbrush to colour the floral designs from the colouring page, so that the acrylic paint would be diluted with the water and would not be too opaque. I wanted the outlines to still be visible. When the paint was not diluted enough, I used a mini bathroom towel to blot it.

I added a bit of the diluted paints (pink and baby blue) on top of the background so that the colours were not too concentrated on the page.

I then glued my wordstrips with Mod Podge, covering them to seal them.
I also created and extra strip by handwriting it on a leftover of paper with my black carbon ink fountain pen.

after the glue was fully dry, I outlined each saying (2 strips each) using various colours of Tombow markers, picking colours I’d already used on the page. I then used my waterbrush to activate the pigments and smudge the outside of the lines to give a softer effect.
For the handwritten strip, I just scribbled around it with my fountain pen to outline it.

Finally I used my glitter glue to add some sparkle to the 3 main flowers from Rae’s floral cut-outs.

Now for some close-ups: