Playing With Patterns Mini Video Series – Part 1 – Pattern Strips

My new fun thing at the moment is patterns. I’m just enthralled by their sheer simplicity and bold effect.

Anyone can create patterns, you don’t have to be a Leonardo Da Vinci – it’s all in the lines, curves and repetition.

For this first part in the video series, I’ve chosen to explore patterns by creating strips, which will be used in later parts of this series.

Playing with Pattern Part 1 thumbn

Watch the video on Youtube and Vimeo (free downloads)

I am using Letraset Promarkers in a variety of colours and some bleedproof paper from Daler Rowney (quite light and flimsy, but great with alcohol markers as the ink won’t transfer through to the next page – I really like their transparent quality as well. On my last strip, I used the markers on the wrong side but it gives a nice transclucent effect and, adding the pink marker on the right side lets the ink show through slightly on my original pattern. Happy accident and new discovery!)

To be continued in Part 2…