That Voice In Your Head

For this new video, I’m creating a very quick art journal spread, just to show that you don’t need to spend hours creating. Even if you only have a few minutes available, you can still do it.

I know many of creatives will start a project and go back to it over and over again. That’s also a good way to create if you haven’t got much time.

I like to finish what I start and, very rarely, I will work in bits. Like for this page, I start it, I finish it and it doesn’t take too long.

The quote I am using is from the Betty Rocker’s 90 Day Challenge. As soon as I read it, it really spoke to me and I knew that I had to create something around it.

That voice in your head that says “You can’t do it” is a liar…

that voice in your head thumbn final

Watch it on Youtube and Vimeo (free download)



  • Daler Rowney Simply Watercolour set
  • Pentel oil pastels in black, brown and grey
  • waterbrush
  • heat tool / drier



I started by creating my usual random blotches of colours background, using my watercolours.

Once my page was dry, I quickly sketched the top of a face with eyes looking up, using an oil pastel. I went over my outlines with the black pastel to give my face more definition and  wrote my quote on my page. I added some brown oil pastel to the eyes to make them stand out a little bit, and smudged to give a softer look.

And that’s pretty much it! One art journal spread started and completed in only a few minutes.