Watercolour Circles Cluster

At the moment, I have been working small, first to stretch myself out of my comfort zone and learn new ways to create, but also to work quick so that I can create more often and create a more regular creative practice.

Very intuitively I created the page below


and decided to create a real time video to show you how I created this watercolour circles cluster and add some embellishments.

thumbn wcc

Watch it on Youtube and Vimeo (free downloads)

This page took me just over 10 minutes to create (about 5 minutes to create my watercolour cluster, and just over 5 minutes to embellish it – these could be split into 2 sessions, if you were really short on time).

All I used were 4 colours from my Prima Marketing The Classics set, a waterbrush, a black fineliner (Uni Pin 0.3) and my trusty white Posca paint pen.

I started by painting touching circles, then adding my next colour (close to the first one so the blended colours wouldn’t create mud) and finally my last colour as inner circles.

As the colours blend together, they also instinctively create some unusual shapes, variations of colours and textures. I love the unpredictability of watercolours for that.
You could also use liquid watercolours, inks or acrylic inks, as well as watered-down acrylic paints, for a more permanent effect.

To make my cluster stand out, I decided to use a fourth contrasting colour for the background.

This first step took me about 5 minutes.

Once all my watercolours were dry (I cheated by drying them with my heat tool, but if you have very little time, you could let them dry overnight until your next session), I used my black fineliner pen and my white Posca pen to add some simple embellishments. This took me just over 5 minutes as well.

These small projects are all about maximising your time in order to not compromise on a regular creative practice.