Watercolour Girl

Using only a watersoluble graphite pencil and watercolours, this little girl came to life.
Inspired by watching Mindy Lacefield’s class, “My Watercolor Journal“.



  • Stabilo watersoluble graphite pencil
  • Prima Marketing watercolour sets: Pastel Dreams and Decadent Pies
  • jar of clean water
  • watercolour brush (I’m using the brush that came with my set of Caran d’Ache gouache cake paints)


I started by loosely sketching my girl with my graphite pencil, and smudging my lines with water to create natural shadows and make them melt.

I started adding my watercolour paints to create stronger shadows, and built up my colours by letting it dry a bit and blotting before adding my next colour. Any patches I found too dark or too vibrant, I blotted to correct.

I coloured in the hair using 3 different colours, staying in the ochre/brown scheme. I started with my medium colour, applying quite loosely, then use my darker colour where the hair would have more shadows. I built up my hair colour by adding my lighter colour to add some very subtle highlights. I finished by making some random marks with my pencil to give some movement and texture to the hair.

Quick and easy…

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