You Are Not Alone – A Mixed Media Art Journal Spread

Play time to take the blues away!

In this tutorial, I’m playing with some of my new Jane Davenport art supplies, and my favourite watercolours.


When I started this page, I had nothing in mind; I just grabbed my watercolour sets, jumped in and kept going.

That day was very strange. I was unwell with a head cold and massive headache, feeling groggy and lethargic, then decided to have 2 mugs of some lovely vanilla latte (I’m not allowed caffeine) and ended up tense, on edge and pretty miserable. My mood was up and down like a yoyo, and I felt like I was trying to climb Mount Everest! To top it all up, I also experience an earthquake where I live and it felt so bizarre that, in the state I was in, I thought I’d imagined it and was staring to lose my mind. It was really scary.

I think, somehow, this page expresses all those feeling, and that without planning for it. I just let go, gave it my heart and soul, and, slowly realising what I was putting on the page, words of encouragement came to me – “You are not alone”, “You can climb this mountain”, reminding me that, in life, nothing is ever permanent, things always change. There is a quote I found on Facebook a few years ago, that says “On particularly tough days, when I feel that I can’t possibly endure, I remind myself that my track record for getting through bad days is 100% so far”. I have lived by it every single day since, and this is what I had in mind and saved me on that particular day when I created this spread.

you are not alone thumbn

Watch it on Youtube and Vimeo (free download)



  • Prima Marketing Confections watercolour sets The Classics, Odyssey, Pastel Dream, Decadent Pies
  • Jane Davenport watercolour half pans in Mermaid, Frida and Royal
  • Jane Davenport Mermaid Marker in brown
  • Jane Davenport Paint Over Pens (the 2 sets from her shop)
  • waterbrush with clean water
  • graphite pencil
  • hairdryer
  • Energel permanent gel pen in black
  • a rag to dab my paint when it doesn’t dry quick enough for me with the hairdryer

I let it all out on this double spread, because that’s the way I like to create, and that’s the way it needed to be.